Pet Friendly Shelters

In Pinellas County, three shelters are designated pet friendly. DART volunteers are committed to open, staff and close each one in the event evacuations are ordered. Pinellas County Animal Services and Law Enforcement will also be on hand. Space and resources are limited, and these shelters accept only cats and dogs. Horses in Pinellas County will be sheltered at Walsingham Park.

  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, St. Petersburg
  • Oakgrove Middle School, Clearwater
  • Dunedin Highland Middle School, Dunedin

Other pet friendly shelters in the Bay Area:

  • Hillsborough County (No pregistration is necessary)
    • Sickles High School
    • Sgt. Smith Middle School
    • Burnett Middle School
    • Shields Middle School
  • Sarasota County
    • North Port High School
    • Heron Creek Middle School
    • Brookside Middle School
    • Pineview  Elementary School
  • Desoto County
    • The hotels in Arcadia are all pet friendly.
  • Pasco County
    • Pineview Middle school in Land o’ Lakes
    • Pets are at Pineview High School and across the street is where the owners shelter.
  • Marion County
    • Forest High School
    • They will open additional if needed.
  • Manatee County
    • They can open two shelters. Two additional shelters can be opened if needed


Emergency Animal Shelters

Bay Area DART and Sumter DART may open and staff temporary emergency animal shelters when the need arises or at the direction of Pinellas County Animal Services.



Bay Area DART is a division of Sumter Disaster Animal Response Team, Inc. a 501(c)(3) charitable organization