At the emergency shelhter, empty crates await the arrival of Hurricane Ike evacuees.

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2009 Large Animal Tech Training
2009 Large Animal Tech Training
2009 Large Animal Tech Training
2009 Large Animal Tech Training
2009 Large Animal Tech Training
2009 Large Animal Tech Training
2009 Large Animal Tech Training
2009 Large Animal Tech Training
2009 Large Animal Tech Training

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Winter 2011: Montreal Canada Puppy Mill More than 500 dogs were seized in September after the largest puppy mill bust in the province's history. As late as November 21th, legal red tape still prevented the dogs from finding new homes. Members of Bay Area DART and Sumter DART joined an army of volunteers who helped run the largest emergency shelter operation in Canadian history. Update Dec 8, 2011: More than 1000 interested families have come forward interested in adopting the 600 dogs, who will be placed with the help of more than 40 rescue groups.


August 6, 2011: Haven Acres Cats Surrendered Almost 700 cats were seized at Haven Acres. Bay Area DART volunteers, as well as other groups, assisted with sheltering and adoptions.



July 2011: Emergency Animal Shelter in Joplin, Missouri After the devastating tornado hit on May 22, Bay Area DART and Sumter DART responded with the ASPCA by providingd emergency sheltering for approximately 1,300 animals during the month-long sheltering period.



June 2011: Bay Area DART assists Humane Society Tampa Bay Bay Area DART volunteers assisted with a large intake of animals from Mississippi. They prepared paperwork, assisted with wellness checks and gave much needed baths.



April 20, 2011: Deplorable Conditions Found At Animal Sanctuary Authorities are investigating after deplorable conditions were found at the Sanctuary Animal Rescue in St. Lucie County. More than 200 dogs were sheltered by Bay Area DART volunteers. St. Lucie County officials say it is the worse case of animal hoarding and neglect they've ever seen. Click here to view the video.


Winter 2010: Arkansas Horse Rescue It was a long winter as Bay Area DART volunteers cared for horses and patiently awaited custody.

November 2010: 1st Annual Fun Run Hosted by Fletcher's Harley Davidson in Clearwater. Proceeds benefit Bay Area DART. Click here for more pictures and to see a list of sponsors and supporters.


Summer of 2010: MC 252 BP Oil Spill Response A Tribute to the Volunteers of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.


April 1, 2010: Keep On Truckin’ By Cathy Scott, Best Friends staff writer. Ronnie Graves from Sumter DART logistics uses his specialized trailer to assist animals, including the dogs rescued during Pup My Ride transports. Click here to read more.


Summer 2010: Hoarding in Mississippi Below are pictures from the hoarding case in Mississippi. Several members of our team went to assist with intake and transportation. The Fletchers dropped most of the dogs off at the Sanford SPCA and brought these back to disperse between the Sarasota HSUS and the Suncoast Animal League. Click here to see more photos.


April 25, 2010: DART Camp Pictures from the recent DART camp. If you have pictures, please send us a copy to post! Click here to see more photos.


Summer 2009: 10th Life Cat Sanctuary Seizure: More than 600 cats were in need of sheltering and our DART volunteers answered the call.


May 31, 2009: Drill, Drill, Drill Bay Area DART volunteers gathered Sunday at the Southeastern Guide Dogs campus for a mock drill with the University of Florida Veterinarian Emergency Team and the Vet Corps. The drill simulated what would happen following a Category 3 hurricane with extensive flooding and damage. To make the exercise more effective, 25 dogs from Southeastern’s puppy program were used in the drill. Click here to view media coverage from Fox News.

Click here to view our photo album for this event.


February 12, 2009: Puppy Mill Beth Lockwood, SPCA Tampa Bay Executive Director, and Connie Brooks, SPCA Tampa Bay Operations Director, drove to North Carolina Tuesday, February 10th to assist in the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) rescue of more than 300 animals. The team returned in the early morning hours of February 12th with 74 animals. Bay Area DART members play a key roll in helping the shelter care for and socialize these animals.


September 24, 2008: Hurricane Ike Bay Area DART volunteers assisted in the wake of Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas.  Hurricane Ike left many companion animals homeless and in desperate need of aid. Many of the animals were transported to SPCA Tampa Bay for adoption. Bay Area DART volunteers provided much of the care needed to house over 100 animals once they arrived in Largo.

Below, Judy Baum holds a rescued puppy, who will be put up for adoption. Judy is a member of of the Bay Area DART team and NDART.  Click here to read more from the HSUS web site.


September 20, 2008 Hurricane Ike Below are two photos of a cat that was transported from Galveston Island. There is no clean water or food on the island, so may of the animals that survived the storm are living in sewage conditions. Captured in a trap placed in the debris of what use to be a home on Galveston Island, the cat was taken to the HSUS compound to be transported back to Galveston by the ACO's. It takes about two hours to get off the island and travel back to the temporary shelter. When this cat got off the truck at the shelter it was semi-conscious from heat stroke. With emergency medical care Connie and Elaine were able to revive the cat and 24 hours later on it's way to recovery.


September 1, 2008: Hurricane Gustav Bay Area DART Volunteers Assist HSUS in Louisiana Pet Friendly Shelter in Gustav. As Hurricane Gustav continued its approach to the Mississippi/Louisiana area, Bay Area DART volunteers rescued 25 dogs and 46 cats and kittens that had to be evacuated from the Humane Society of South Mississippi in Gulfport.


July 15, 2008: Breeding and Hoarding Bay Area DART volunteers were again asked by HSUS to assist in a large animal surrender in Live Oak, Florida. There were 64 dogs surrendered from a breeder with personal health reasons for doing so. They include Australian Shepherds, Mini Australian Shepherds, Pomeranians, Border and Rough Collies. All were breeding dogs, most over the age of two. Bay Area DART volunteers were there in the evening to unload and bed down the dogs for the night. The dogs were very shy and it was obvious many had never socialized with humans.


June 30, 2008: Extreme Puppy Mill Bay Area DART and SPCA Tampa Bay Aid HSUS in Tennessee Puppy & Kitten Mill Raid, more than 700 Animals Saved. Click here to read more from the HSUS web site.


November 6, 2007: Touch-a-Truck Bay Area DART and St. Petersburg College of Veterinary Technology partnered to provide a training opportunity including orientation to many types of animal related rescue equipment. Click here to view the photo gallery from the event. Some of the organizations that attended were:

  • The Bay Area Disaster Animal Response Team
  • SPC Veterinary Technology Staff and Students
  • Humane Society of United States Transport and Rescue Rigs/Supply Rigs
  • Sumter County Disaster Animal Response Team
  • American Humane Rescue Rig
  • University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine (Large Animal Rescue Equipment)
  • Pinellas Park Mounted Police
  • Pinellas County Animal Services
  • SPCA Tampa Bay
  • Working Dogs:  Bomb and Arson, Police, Guide Dogs-variety
  • Local Police/ Fire/ and Emergency Management Representatives


August 5, 2007: Drill, Drill, Drill Bay Area DART and Pinellas County Animal Services held a Pet Friendly Shelter Mock Training Drill at SPCA Tampa Bay. Click here to view photos from the event.


June 5, 2007: Gopher Tortoises Valerie Burke went on a Gopher Tortoise relocation mission in June 2007. Click here to view the presentation that was shown at the October Bay Area DART meeting. To download the high resolution photos used in this presentation, click here.



Bay Area DART is a division of Sumter Disaster Animal Response Team, Inc. a 501(c)(3) charitable organization